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Solving Healthcare: The Case for Demand-side Innovation

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Monday, March 30
MaRS Discovery District
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Hospitals, health authorities, and health ministries in Canada and around the world are grappling with how to end hallway medicine, how to deal with labor shortages and productivity, how to improve access to digital health, and how to provide more integrated care — without increasing their cost burden.

Doctors, researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs are creating innovative technologies that can improve clinical outcomes while reducing the overall cost of care. At the same time, governments are searching for ways to boost their economies.

Innovation is at the heart of all of these opportunities, but the question is how to harness it?

Many countries’ innovation policies, including Canada, are primarily focused on the supply of innovation, producing a big talent pool of people who do great research. On the flip side, there has been almost no focus on policies that address the demand for the innovations stemming from that talent pool and research. Based on the publication by Neil Fraser and Melicent Lavers-Sailly, and brought to life with real-world examples by Lars Dahl Allerup from Denmark, Dr. Shahin Ilan from ConsultLoop, and others, this session will focus on the potential for demand-side innovation policies to make it easier for the public sector to ask for innovative solutions to help solve societal issues and encourage them to adopt these solutions, using learnings from other industries and jurisdictions.


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