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Marc Weill

Senior Advisor, Two Sigma Ventures

Marc is a Senior Advisor at Two Sigma Ventures where he provides strategic support to our portfolio companies and helps source and evaluate investment opportunities. Marc has served as an investor at nearly every stop in his more than 25-year career, which includes serving as Chairman of City Light Capital Investment (2004 to 2008) and WST Partners (2001 to 2003). He was also Chief Investment Officer / SEVP of Citigroup from 1991 to 2000 where he led the Citigroup Investment department of 600 employees and $130 billion in insurance, investment, pension fund, and wealth management business lines. Marc holds an MBA in Finance and Accounting from Columbia University and a BA in Economics and Business from Vanderbilt. Marc is an avid collector of precious stones and minerals, some of which are or have been on display at the Museum of Natural History, Perot Museum in Dallas, and the Bruce Museum of Greenwich, CT.