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Lars Dahl Allerup

Cofounder, Rethink Value

Lars Dahl Allerup is co-founder of Rethink Value – an international Value-Based Healthcare think tank established in Denmark in 2019. Rethink Value is all about real-world Value-Based Healthcare. The ambition of Rethink Value is to inspire thinkers who practice and apply ValueBased Healthcare. A think tank that inspires stakeholders throughout the value-chain of health and care to push the evolution of true and capturable patient value in the healthcare systems of the future. A think tank serving as a differentiator, catalyst and advocate of tangible strategic partnerships between healthcare payers, providers and industry. A think tank with the overall purpose of improving patient value by offering international perspective and best practice in order to inspire healthcare decisionmakers and industry on sustainable and transparent transaction models. Rethink Value is for people who believe in doing, sharing and caring for sustainable and valuable future healthcare.