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Imran Eba

Partner, Action Potential Venture Capital

Imran is a partner at Action Potential Venture Capital in Cambridge, MA and invests in companies that are pioneering bioelectronic medicines, and is looking at select technology enabled healthcare companies. Imran is a Board member of Neuspera Medical, SetPoint Medical and Axon Therapies.

Before joining Action Potential, Imran was in the Worldwide Business Development group of GlaxoSmithKline working in a variety of business development and investing roles. Imran led the establishment of and headed up the Investment Management practice at GSK. The group was tasked with accessing technology and innovation external to GSK by making and managing investments in life science venture capital funds as limited partners and direct investments in biotechs made as part of GSK’s R&D collaborations. During his tenure the group led GSK’s commitments in excess of $200 million in a number of venture capital groups as well as participated in a number of biotech IPOs.

Imran received his bachelor’s degree in finance from Concordia University in Montreal and has trained as a Canadian Chartered Accountant. He serves on the Advisory Board of the new Harvard HealthTech Fellowship and the Board of Ambassadors of the Brooke Charter School a K-8 public charter school network in Boston dedicated to getting under served students to and through college.