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Dr. Shelley Boyd

Founding President and CEO, Tracery Ophthalmics Inc. and Translatum Medicus Inc.

Dr Shelley Boyd is founding President & CEO of Tracery and Translatum, complimentary companies focussed on Biomarker Development and Drug Development, harnessing AI to align person, pathway and chemistry in complex degenerative diseases such as Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). Dr Boyd is an Ophthalmologist and director of the “High Risk Dry AMD Clinic” at St Michael’s Hospital, University of Toronto, and formerly global head of Ocular Angiogenesis research at Novartis. She is passionately committed to individualized treatments based on the equitable and global distribution of biomarker-driven AI – keeping older individuals living independent lives. Tracery is recipient of J&J’s Quickfire “AI for Drug Development” award; both are residents of JLABS@Toronto