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Carlo Perez

Swift Medical

Carlo Perez is founder and CEO of Swift Medical. He is an engineer and entrepreneur, passionate about delivering designs and transformative technologies that put empathy into action. Before he set out as an entrepreneur, he spent seven years in R&D at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Inc., where his research focused on industry-leading 3D graphics hardware. In 2009, after a year of hitchhiking, Carlo found a calling teaching post-graduate engineering at Humber College, covering subjects that ranged from RF technology to advanced robotics. During this time, he explored novel applications of state-of-the-art visioning technology with his future Swift Medical co-founders — a path that led them to wound care. After three short years, Swift Medical is the category leader in digital wound care management, adopted by over 1,000 facilities to monitor over 100,000 beds across North America.