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Dr. Gigi Osler

Past President, Canadian Medical Association

In 2018, Dr. Osler became the first female surgeon and the first woman of colour to be elected as President of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) – the national medical association representing medical students, residents and physicians across Canada. In recognition of this challenging national leadership role, she was named one of Canada’s Top 100 […]

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Dr. Lana Janes

Venture Partner, adMare Bioinnovations

Dr. Janes has more than 20 years of pharmaceutical development experience that spans the full life cycle of therapeutic product development from discovery through commercialization. At adMare, she is responsible for overseeing and advancing a portfolio of projects that aim to translate leading academic research into new companies of scale; and/or to help existing Canadian […]

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Fazila Seker

Co-Founder and CEO, MOLLI Surgical

Fazila Seker is passionate about women’s health and social disparity issues within health care. She is the CEO and co-founder of MOLLI Surgical, a company that develops devices to guide precision surgeries for a better patient experience. She has over twenty years of experience in business venture development, commercial leadership and market strategy in the […]

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Emma Stern

Co-Founder and COO, Felix Health

As a Toronto native with over eight years of experience in strategy, finance and operations, Emma Stern has always had a customer-first approach to business. She began her career in M&A as the first analyst at Canada’s leading independent investment bank. After banking, Emma worked at 500px, a venture-backed Toronto startup where she led Finance, […]

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Rebecca Ruddy

Business Intelligence Associate, GlaxoSmithKline

Rebecca joined GlaxoSmithKline as a Business Intelligence Associate last year. She recently completed her PhD in stem cell biology and neuroscience research at the University of Toronto. Her doctoral research focused on activating stem cells in the brain following brain injury in juvenile mouse models. Her research highlighted sex differences in response to treatment and […]

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