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Nathalie Le Prohon

IBM Canada

Nathalie is Vice President, Healthcare Industry at IBM Canada. She rejoined IBM in 2016 to lead a national team of industry professionals dedicated to working with clients in their healthcare transformation journey. In November 2017, she also received responsibilities for the telecommunication industry including the media and entertainment sectors. Having successfully battled breast cancer twice, […]

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Peter Jones


As Healthcare Industry Lead for Microsoft Canada, Peter Jones develops the strategy vision of modern healthcare for the Canadian marketplace. Working closely with the Microsoft Worldwide Healthcare team, Peter is deeply enriched in the best practices of healthcare digital transformation that is being practiced by healthcare industry leaders around the globe. Peter’s mandate is to […]

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Julia Geer

Siemens Healthineers

Julis is Head of Growth, Innovation and Incubation at Siemens Healthineers. She has over 15 years of experience in a variety of healthcare roles in organizations ranging from early stage startup to large Fortune 100 companies. She has led efforts for both niche and enterprise IT product lines, medical devices and first in class pharmaceutical […]

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Carlo Perez

Swift Medical

Carlo Perez is founder and CEO of Swift Medical. He is an engineer and entrepreneur, passionate about delivering designs and transformative technologies that put empathy into action. Before he set out as an entrepreneur, he spent seven years in R&D at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Inc., where his research focused on industry-leading 3D graphics hardware. […]

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Azam Khan

Autodesk Research

Azam is head of the Complex Systems Group at Autodesk Research. He is also the founder of the Parametric Human Project Consortium, SimAUD: the Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design, and the CHI Sustainability Community. He is also a founding member of the International Society for Human Simulation and has been the Velux […]

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Liam Kaufman

WinterLight Labs

Liam is the cofounder and CEO of WinterLight Labs, which uses speech and machine learning to detect Alzheimer’s disease. Liam has conducted research in cognitive neurology focusing on mapping motor areas with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and analyzing pre-surgical fMRI brain mapping data. Liam completed a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in […]

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Shyam Ramchandani

Analytics 4 Life

Dr. Ramchandani is VP of research and development at Analytics 4 Life (A4L). He has been with A4L since its inception and through his over six years has served in operations, business development, marketing and clinical and currently leads the R&D team. Shyam has been involved with early stage medically-oriented companies through his entire career. […]

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Dr. Shelley Boyd


Dr. Boyd is founding President and CEO of Tracery Ophthalmics and founding President and CSO of Translatum Medicus. As a clinician-scientist at St Michael’s Hospital, she oversees the Walter Retinal Research Laboratory. Shelley was formerly head of the Ocular Angiogenesis Research Program for Novartis during the diligence, in-licensing and early development of Lucentis® with Genentech, […]

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Dusan Perovic

Two Sigma Ventures

Dusan directs Two Sigma Ventures’ investing efforts at the intersection of life science, healthcare and data science. He joined Two Sigma in 2007 to work on company growth strategy, and he has since helped the firm launch several new business units. Dusan also worked with research groups across the firm in discovering and evaluating new […]

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Dr. Peter Grandsard


Dr. Grandsard is Executive Director of Research, Amgen, where he is responsible for the characterization of pre-clinical therapeutic candidates. Since joining Amgen in 1996, he has had a variety of roles and responsibilities. Trained as a chemical engineer (BE/ME) and as an analytical chemist (Ph.D.), he started as a scientist designing and implementing new laboratory […]

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