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Future of Health Venture Summit

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Thursday, April 2
MaRS Discovery District
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Get a glimpse of the future of health and the most disruptive developments that will revolutionize care.

This April 2, MaRS, the University Health Network (UHN), Faurecia, and TELUS Ventures invite you to a special event on six emerging areas of healthcare innovation. Hear from thought leaders and startups that are developing products and services to revolutionize the delivery of healthcare. And learn about novel innovations — transplanting and activating reengineered cells; healing using psychedelic compounds; and more⁠ — that are leading to positive outcomes for patients in Canada and around the world.


1 – Regenerative Medicine: Harnessing the potential of stem cells – human building blocks – to fight disease and heal tissues.
4 – The Future of Surgical Intervention: An exploration of emerging surgical technologies advancing procedures in the operating room and driving more efficient, more precise and less painful outcomes.

2 – Psychedelics and Alternative Therapies: Developing new treatments based on compounds derived from psychedelic drugs – such as psilocybins and DMT – as a new therapeutic paradigm for better patient outcomes.
5 – Virtual care: Scaling healthcare remotely – from diagnostic assessment to therapeutic delivery to patient monitoring – through new clinically validated therapeutic approaches, cutting edge innovative technologies, and treatment delivery/patient consultation platforms.

3 – Biosensing: Using sensors or other novel tech solutions to detect signs of strokes, heart attacks or diabetic events in the cockpit of the car, both for the driver and passengers.
6 – Oncology Breakthroughs: Therapeutics & Diagnostics: Leading edge clinical and pre-clinical therapeutics and genomic-based diagnostics that offer breakthrough outcomes for oncology patients around the globe.


9:00 a.m.: Registration Opens, Networking
9:30 a.m.: Welcome and Opening Remarks
9:40 a.m.: Regenerative Medicine
10:20 a.m.: Oncology Therapeutics & Diagnostics
11:00 a.m.: The Future of Surgical Intervention
11:40 a.m.: Lunch
12:30 p.m.: Psychedelics and Alternative Therapies
1:10 p.m.: Biosensing
1:50 p.m.: Virtual Care
2:30 p.m.: Final Remarks
2:40 p.m.: Close

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