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Bridging the Gap: Transforming Women's Health

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Monday, March 30
JLABS @ Toronto
Startup, Investor All Access/Corporate

Join us for an afternoon of panel presentations and high-impact talks that explore the ways that healthcare is experienced by women as well as the efforts currently underway to make a health system that works for everyone.

Women are less likely to have their pain treated, their symptoms taken seriously or to be given a diagnosis than men, and racial disparity runs rampant. Until recently, medical studies have focused largely on men. Drug therapies and treatment plans only tested in males have been prescribed across the board. And consumer markets reflect a serious gap in women-specific health products – particularly when it comes to sexual health.

Our speakers will address a wide range of pressing issues including how we can include sex and gender in the way we design health systems, how industries are evolving to tackle gender bias and how the wellness industry is exploiting healthcare gaps. The program will conclude with a networking reception cohosted by MaRS and adMare BioInnovations. Meet the innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs who are remaking the industry and making healthcare better and more inclusive.



4:00 p.m.: Registration, Networking
4:30 p.m.: Opening Remarks and Keynote
5:00 p.m.: Panel: Bridging the Gender Gap in Health Research
Until recently medical research has focused on men, with the results from studies simply applied to women. Women were largely left out of medical research due to concerns that pregnancy and hormonal changes could affect outcomes. Many prescriptions, drug therapies and treatment plans used today have either been studied only in males or with mixed populations. Recent studies have found differences in the way women and men experience pain, metabolize medications, respond to vaccines, suffer brain injuries and present symptoms for conditions like Alzheimer’s and heart disease. This panel will discuss the damaging effects of the lack of sex-specific analysis in health research, how industries are evolving to tackle gender bias as well as the changes that still need to be made.
5:40 p.m.: Panel: Women’s Health Innovators from Felix Health, Damiva, and MOLLI Surgical
From the lab to the boardroom, women are underrepresented in most areas of Canada’s health science industry. According to a recent report, less than 30% of executives at Canadian biotech companies are women, with a drop to 16% at CEO level. This gender imbalance has created gaps not just in women’s health research, but in the products being made to address their health concerns. Meet women entrepreneurs who are designing innovations that target women’s specific health challenges.
6:30 p.m.: Cocktail Reception
8:00 p.m.: END

+ more speakers to be announced


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