2015 Ventures

2015 Winners include: EMERpharma (Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals); Mindful Scientific (Medical Devices & Diagnostics); and QoC Health (Health IT).

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Competition Tracks

Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
Health IT
Medical Devices and Diagnostics

Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

Aereus Technologies


Aereus Technologies provides antimicrobial copper-alloy coating services and turnkey installations. Branded as Aereus Shield, our patented process mechanically bonds our alloy to almost any hard surface. Aereus Shield is a permanent, non-tarnishing, self-sanitizing antimicrobial coating. Other benefits include the ability to kill mould, mildew and fungus, and increased moisture and fire resistance. In Canada, Aereus Shield coated Class I and II medical devices can be marketed as antimicrobial within the Medical Devices Regulations (Food and Drugs Act, 1985).

Seeking: $7M equity investment, industry partnership/licensing opportunity
Contact information: Michelle Berelowitz, CEO | michelle@aereustech.com




Atomwise (previously Chematria) leverages machine learning and big data to rapidly discover new molecules, which it then licenses. Specifically, we apply deep neural networks to predict small-molecule binding affinities. Our technology can be used throughout the drug discovery pipeline from hit discovery and lead optimization, to off-target toxicity identification, mechanism of action elucidation and personalized medicine. We produce results 150x faster than wet lab experimentation and 18x more accurately than existing software.

Seeking: Equity investment, industry partnership
Contact information: Abraham Heifets, CEO | abe@atomwise.com



Through its proprietary technology, Ligand Express™, Cyclica identifies interactions between drug candidates and all known proteins. Cyclica’s proprietary databases combined with docking algorithms identify the best configuration for drug-protein interactions, which reveal with high confidence on-target and off-target protein binding. The Ligand Express™ technology is an effective platform that facilitates the drug discovery and optimizing processes for developing safer and efficacious drugs.

Seeking: $5M equity investment, industry partnership/licensing opportunity, customer engagement
Contact information: Naheed Kurji, CFO | naheed.kurji@cyclicarx.com



EMERpharma Ltd. is a startup drug development company focused on the development of efficacious, non-addictive treatment for ADHD and treatment for addiction disorders. EMER’s lead compound, EM902, is the only selective inhibitor of BEC1/KCNH3 potassium channels. EM902 was in-licensed from Astellas pharma, has attracted government funding to explore its anti-abuse properties and has worldwide IP protection. Phase 1 clinical testing has been completed and both preclinical and clinical data support a robust efficacy and safety profile.

Seeking: $4.5M equity investment, industry partnership/licensing opportunity
Contact information: Aldemar Degroot, CEO | a.degroot@emerpharma.com

Induce Biologics


Induce Biologics is developing a game-changing product for the multi-billion dollar bone regeneration market, utilizing patented multi-phasic delivery technology to slowly release bone morphogenetic protein (BMP), which attracts the body’s own stem cells and transforms them into bone making cells, stimulating bone regeneration. Preclinical studies demonstrate this unique product produces twice as much bone with half the BMP than currently approved implants. First-in-human clinical trials are planned for 2016.

Seeking: $3M equity investment, strategic partners
Contact information: Dr. Cameron Clokie, CEO | c.clokie@inducebiologics.com

Mirexus Biomedical


Mirexus Biomedical is commercializing a natural nanotechnology platform for use in the biomedical industry. The technology is built on monodisperse nano-phytoglycogen and is geared to produce a wide range of biopharmaceutical products, drug delivery systems, stabilizers for protein drugs and vaccines, and diagnostic systems. This safe and natural product is conveniently modified to provide access to new APIs, and more effective and safe delivery vehicles. The company will commercialize its drugs in international markets in partnership with pharmaceutical companies.

Seeking: $500K equity investment, industry partnership/licensing opportunity
Contact information: Dr. Phil Whiting, CEO | pwhiting@mirexus.com

Oxalys Pharmaceuticals


Oxalys Pharmaceuticals is developing small molecule therapeutics to slow, halt or reverse the course of neurodegenerative disease. The company’s proprietary drug discovery technology targets the causal factors of brain atrophy in neurodegeneration and identified OXD4, which is the company’s lead therapeutic. OXD4 is a broadly neuroprotective molecule, and Oxalys has IP for its use in multiple neurodegenerative diseases with multi-billion markets. As a disease-modifier, it will be superior to current symptomatic dementia therapies that cannot slow disease progression. In 2014, the FDA granted Oxalys orphan drug designation of OXD4 for its use as a treatment of Huntington’s disease. The company has since assembled a team of internationally renowned Huntington’s disease researchers and neurologists to establish clinical proof-of-concept in a Phase I/II trial.

Seeking: $4M equity investment, industry partnership/licensing opportunity
Contact information: Katharine Sepp, CEO | ksepp@oxalyspharma.com

Windsor Botanical Therapeutics


Windsor Botanical Therapeutics Inc. (WBTI) is developing DRE-W, a revolutionary natural health product (NHP) for terminal cancer patients refractory to conventional cancer therapy. DRE-W is a patent-pending, non-toxic plant extract. The anecdotal clinical experience and the scientific data were so compelling; Health Canada has approved a clinical trial of DRE-W in patients with terminal hematological cancers. This is the first ever cancer trial approved for a NHP. WBTI has secured startup funding and a strategic partner, and expects sales revenue in six months.

Seeking: $400K seed financing, industry partnership/licensing opportunity and customer engagement
Contact information: Dr. Joseph Elliot, CEO | jelliot@windsorbotanical.com

Health IT



AceAge builds Bluetooth-connected products to help manage the impact of the aging process. AceAge’s leading product is MedAngel, a medication delivery system that delivers the right meds at the right times to patients in their homes. It leverages packaging technology designed for hospital and managed care, delivering a compliance and adherence solution for patients in their home.

Seeking: $500K seed financing
Contact information: Spencer Waugh, Co-founder | spencer@aceage.com



Alaunus provides a time-efficient, mobile, and patient-centric workflow automation platform to homecare agencies and care providers. Care providers can eliminate up to 15% of their day spent manually managing paperwork and focus on improving patient care with scheduling, charting and collaboration at their fingertips. Agencies and organizations can minimize costs and drive higher billings with better Revenue Cycle Management by automating the end-to-end workflows of patient intake, billing rules, team scheduling, visit verification, and invoicing/payroll in a single platform.

Seeking: $450K seed financing, customer engagement, industry partnership
Contact information: Andrew Ringer, CEO | andrew.ringer@alaunus.com



The human face can tell a powerful story—a story that gets more significant with age. AprilAge was founded with the belief that imagery can compel positive behaviour modification in lifestyle choices to improve our health. More than 450 customers in 30 countries already know how APRIL® Face Aging Software can motivate people to change or avoid risky lifestyle behaviours such as smoking, weight gain, and excess sun exposure that endanger their future health and lead to high treatment costs. Healthcare providers, employers and insurance companies that need the next generation of tools for patient and population health use APRIL® as an effective instigator of lasting human health behaviour change.

Seeking: $2M equity investment, international customer engagement, channel partners
Contact information: Alexandra Brown, CEO & Co-founder | abrown@aprilage.com



A critical task for dealing with the dementia epidemic that has accompanied our aging population is the early detection of brain health problems. Cogniciti and the science team from the world’s leading research centre for memory and aging have developed an online early-warning brain health assessment that will revolutionize brain health research/care by a) saving significant cost/time in the recruitment of research volunteers and b) improving patient outcomes at lower cost through earlier detection/treatment. Market engagement has been exceptional: 34,000 assessments have been completed in response to a single Canadian media release.

Seeking: New business and government customers in Canada and the United States
Contact information: Michael Meagher, President | mmeagher@cogniciti.com

Evolution Health Systems


Evolution Health helps pharmaceutical companies uncover barriers to medication adherence and prescribing. We develop forecasting models to identify non-adherent behaviours by patients being treated for specific conditions. We data mine the risk factors for each indication and formulation so we can design solutions that have the highest impact, whether text messaging with live support, brief interventions, or expert-moderated online communities. Outcomes and data analytics demonstrate measurable improvements to the bottom line, and are rooted in our rich history of peer-reviewed publications and ROI-focused modeling.

Seeking: Industry partnership/licensing opportunity, customer engagement
Contact information: Trevor van Mierlo, CEO | tvanmierlo@evolutionhs.com



GeneYouIn, a personalized medicine company, has developed a genome analytics and reporting platform called PillCheck™. It interprets a patient’s genetic variants to help clinicians better understand how that patient may tolerate a medication in advance of making the prescription decision. This decision-support platform combines software reporting with a genetic test that uses state-of-the-art technology to identify specific variations in genes responsible for drug absorption and metabolism. The system provides personalized, actionable recommendations for the selection of commonly prescribed medications.

Seeking: $2.5M equity investment, industry partnership/licensing opportunity, customer engagement
Contact information: Ruslan Dorfman, CEO | ruslan@geneyouin.ca



iamsick.ca is an award-winning website and mobile platform that seamlessly connects patients to healthcare services. Our current offerings include comprehensive healthcare system wayfinding, EMR-integrated e-booking, real-time wait-time analytics, virtual queuing, and a virtual waiting room. We address unmet healthcare and business needs of patients, health service providers and healthcare system leaders. Available online, and in Apple, Android and BlackBerry app stores.

Seeking: Angel round investment, industry partnership/licensing opportunity, customer engagement
Contact information: Ryan Doherty, President & Co-founder | rsd@iamsick.ca



Infonaut is a health informatics and performance management company for infection prevention & control. Our mission is to save lives by reducing hospital-associated infections. We organize and integrate evidence to drive new and effective infection prevention interventions to enable immediate, sustained and persistent improvement. We use big-data and advanced analytics to predict risk and behaviours that improve patient safety. By applying proprietary measures and benchmarks we guide evidence-based interventions for infection reduction. The outcome is reduced infections, improved patient safety and significant ROI.

Seeking: $2M Pre-Series A
Contact information: Thomas P. Quinn, President and CEO | tquinn@infonaut.ca




Medlinx is a next-generation clinical collaboration platform, connecting clinicians to each other and their patients. It takes what clinicians are already doing now, through emails, texts, calls, written notes, excel sheets and whiteboards when caring for a patient, and allows them to accomplish this on a single, secure mobile platform, integrated with patient data from existing sources. Medlinx enables clinicians and patients to be more informed and connected, improving workflows and patient engagement and satisfaction.

Seeking: $500K seed round, industry partnership/licensing opportunity
Contact information: Dr. Ali Esmail, CEO | ali@koronishealth.com



ManagingLife helps thousands of people with chronic pain better understand their conditions and communicate with their doctors through our smartphone app, Manage My Pain. However, we are more than just another app, as we are leveraging our unique patient-first approach to become the standard for communicating and managing chronic pain. Our vision is to build the world’s largest repository of patient-reported pain information to generate invaluable insights for providers, payers and pharma.

Seeking: Industry partnership/licensing opportunity, customer engagement
Contact information: Tahir Janmohamed, CEO & Founder | tahir.janmohamed@managinglife.com

Memotext Corp


Validated in clinical and commercial settings, MEMOTEXT improves the bottom line for healthcare stakeholders by increasing patient adherence and scaling behavior change. Tailored to a population or brand’s requirements, we personalize digital health outreach using patient data to sustain patient engagement for the long term. Our solutions are evidence-based, condition specific, and self-referencing digital interventions for sustained ROI driven adherence increases. MEMOTEXT behavior change algorithms adapt to the changing biometrics, behaviors and circumstances of each patient.

Seeking: Industry partnership/licensing opportunity, Customer engagement
Contact information: Amos Adler, Founder & President | amos@memotext.com



Merge provides mobile, real-time, non-contact hospital room sensor measurement infrastructure and analytics that continually quantify patient risk to proactively reduce patient harms. The system monitors the room environment, the bed status, the occupant status, infection control compliance and fall risk prevention and detection. The digital data collected allows healthcare workers at the tactical, operational and strategic levels to make decisions based upon risk instead of relying on old data (or no data).

Seeking: Equity investment, industry partnership/licensing opportunity, customer engagement
Contact information: Scott Leslie, CEO | scott@merge.net



NerveVision™ is a software diagnostic support platform designed for the 3D visualization of nerves. The software is a FDA-cleared, patent-pending program that reconstructs a 3D image of any peripheral nerve taken from a standard MRI series. This allows the clinician to see the actual MRI slice where the nerve abnormality exists. The technology has implications for the diagnostic assessment and therapeutic treatment of nerve disorders and pain management, enabling more accurate and direct interventions in pre-surgical planning.

Seeking: $3M Series B financing, industry partnership/licensing opportunity, customer engagement
Contact information: Dr. Lionel Lenkinski, CEO | lionel@nervevision.com

QoC Health


QoC Health deploys patient engagement solutions to support shifting care to the community. These solutions save money, improve outcomes and improve user experiences. All of these white-labeled solutions run off our adaptable Cloud Connect technology platform, which helps our clients deploy patient engagement programs quickly while minimizing cost and organizational risk.

Seeking: $800K seed round equity investment, industry partnership/licensing opportunity, customer engagement
Contact information: Raymond Shih, President & Founding Partner | raymond.shih@qochealth.com



SeamlessMD provides a patient engagement platform for guiding patients through surgery. Available on smartphones, tablets and computers, patients are supported through preparation and recovery with timely reminders, interactive care plans and self-management tools. Patient generated data is available to healthcare providers in real-time to monitor patients remotely, improve outcomes and lower costs. The company has been named a Forbes 30 Under 30 in Healthcare and 1 of the Top 20 Hottest Innovation Companies in Canada by CIX.

Seeking: Industry partnership/licensing opportunity, customer engagement
Contact information: Dr. Joshua Liu, Co-founder | joshua@seamless.md

Shift Health


Shift Health improves outcomes by providing valuable insights into what your patients think, and why they behave the way they do. Moving beyond the Quantified Self of patient-generated data from wearables, Shift Health’s unique data collection capabilities empower organizations to act upon the Qualified Self based on patient-reported data. Our unique approach is language and culturally agnostic. You are better equipped to efficiently engage all of your patients as partners in their care. When patients are partners, you will reduce readmission rates, improve clinical outcomes, lower costs of care, and strengthen the relationship with patients.

Seeking: Industry partnership/licensing opportunity, customer engagement
Contact information: Daniel Penn, President & Co-founder | daniel@shifthealth.ca

Medical Devices and Diagnostics

Aegis Medical Innovations

Aegis Medical Innovations has partnered with Mayo Clinic and developed a minimally invasive cardiovascular technology to help prevent strokes in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF). Aegis is currently running a clinical trial to prove out the feasibility of a simpler, cheaper and safer percutaneous procedure for left atrial appendage (LAA) closure. Aegis’ system will provide significant advantages over all existing treatments to the patient, physician and payers. The “low hanging fruit” patients requiring LAA closure represent a $4 billion global market opportunity.

Seeking: Industry partnership/licensing opportunity
Contact information: Trevor McCaw, President | trevor@aegismedical.net

Colibri Technologies


Colibri’s first product, the Foresight™ imaging system, provides high-resolution imaging of the cardiovascular system during procedures such as cardiac ablations and structural heart interventions. Colibri developed the world’s first proprietary 3D, forward-viewing intracardiac echocardiography (ICE) system, scheduled for market entry in 2015. Our product pipeline also includes a catheter and imaging system that combines the two most frequently used intravascular imaging (IVI) modalities into a single device for the $450 million IVI market.

Seeking: $2-5M equity investment
Contact information: Brian Courtney, CEO | brian@colibritech.com



illumiSonics Inc. was founded with the vision of producing innovative optical and ultrasonic technologies for medical and industrial applications. We are introducing a novel medical imaging system called photoacoustic remote sensing (PARS) microscopy. PARS is capable of remotely performing absorption-based imaging of microvasculature and blood oxygenation and can be integrated with other optical imaging systems. Target markets will include pre-clinical imaging in academic and pharmaceutical sectors followed by medical sectors with a focus on dermatological and gastroenterological imaging.

Seeking: $5M equity investment, industry partnership/licensing opportunity, customer engagement
Contact information: Parsin Hajireza, CEO | parsin@illumisonics.com

Interface Biologics


Interface Biologics, Inc. (IBI) is a commercial-stage company that develops transformative biomedical polymer technology to improve the safety and effectiveness of medical devices. Our patent-protected technologies include antithrombogenic additives for blood contacting medical devices and polymer enabled combination drug delivery devices. IBI has exclusive Endexo™ technology licensing agreements with AngioDynamics (NASDAQ: ANGO) for vascular access catheters and with Fresenius Medical Care (NYSE: FMS) for chronic dialysis systems. IBI also has a joint venture commercial agreement with Qualimed to develop a drug-coated balloon based on IBI’s Kinesyx™ technology.

Seeking: Industry partnership/licensing opportunities
Contact information: Mark Steedman, Vice President, Business Development | msteedman@interfacebiologics.com



Lumasonix is a development-stage medical imaging company focused on early detection of breast cancer. Lumasonix proprietary sensor technology enhances the emerging photoacoustic CT that accurately finds malignant cancer tumours in early clinical stages without the need for invasive biopsies. Photoacoustic CT is clinically proven to work for all women including those with small or dense breasts. Lumasonix Breast Imager will generate functional tomograms of cancer tumours like MRI but with the speed and convenience of mammography, without painful breast compressions, risky x-ray radiations or radioactive infusions.

Seeking: $2M seed financing, industry partnering/licensing opportunities, customer engagement
Contact information: Naveed Nazir, CEO | naveed@lumasonix.com


Medella Health


Medella Health is a wearable technology startup out of Waterloo. We are developing contact lenses that continuously and non-invasively monitor glucose levels, and transmit the information to a mobile device, so patients can better manage their diabetes. With our system, not only will patients be able to see their glucose trends over time, but share the information with their clinicians and healthcare providers.

Seeking: Industry partnership
Contact information: Harry Gandhi, CEO & Co-founder | harry@medella.ca

Mindful Scientific


Mindful Scientific is developing the Halifax Consciousness Scanner (HCS), a portable medical device that rapidly assesses brain function to aid in the diagnosis, monitoring and management of concussion and other neurological problems. The proprietary solution delivers a stimulus rich auditory sequence and passively measures, and internally analyzes resulting brainwaves to provide meaningful results quickly. This critical information can be used for treatment decisions to manage patient care, improve patient outcomes and quality of life, and potentially reduce healthcare costs.

Seeking: $500K seed financing, industry partnership/licensing opportunity, customer engagement
Contact information: Ying Tam, CEO & President | ying.tam@mindfulscientific.ca



MolecuLight is an early-stage medical imaging company that focuses on the development and commercialization of optical imaging-based solutions, providing relevant, actionable information at the point-of-care. The first product is intended to allow clinicians to quickly, safely and easily visualize bacterial presence (based on fluorescence imaging) and distribution in skin and chronic wounds in real-time. The platform will also leverage additional products including software and bioassays. MolecuLight’s mission is to provide the healthcare industry with world-class products and services.

Seeking: Equity investment, industry partnership/licensing opportunity, customer engagement
Contact information: Craig Kennedy, CEO | ckennedy@moleculight.com

NP Screen


NP Screen sells a minimally invasive, high-accuracy screening test for the early identification of virally-caused nasal cancer. Cancer can be identified, with the highest accuracy, making required treatments more manageable and affordable to patients. The technology platform is based on the identification of viral infection via DNA assay/PCR. Identification and early detection of cancerous growth ensures better treatment outcomes for patients. The company will commercialize its screening tests in international markets in partnership with other diagnostic companies.

Seeking: $10M Series B equity investment, industry partnership
Contact information: Leo Chui, Director of Operations | leo.chui@npscreen.com

Perimeter Medical Imaging


Perimeter takes the guesswork out of tumour removal surgery. Over 25% of breast lumpectomy surgeries require a second surgery due to some cancer cells being left behind. This causes significant stress on patients and their families, and results in added healthcare costs. Perimeter’s OTIS System is the only solution that provides clinicians with a high resolution image of the entire surface of the removed tumour, providing accurate information in real time, to make better decisions and ultimately reducing the need for follow-up second surgeries.

Seeking: $5-7M Series B equity investment
Contact information: Paul Weber, CEO & President | pweber@perimetermed.com

Proteocyte Diagnostics


Proteocyte Diagnostics commercializes Straticyte, the first and only molecular diagnostic test for oral precancerous lesions that provides an objective and accurate prediction score (90% predictive value) as evidenced by retrospective clinical studies. Unlike standard of care based on subjective and less accurate visual assessment methods (50% predictive value), Straticyte provides a reliable assessment of the risk for progression to cancer and helps clinicians save lives, improve quality of life and reduce healthcare costs.

Seeking: $1M Series A financing
Contact information: Mario Thomas, President | mthomas@proteocyte.com

Rna Diagnsotics


Rna Diagnostics has developed a molecular diagnostic technology that radically improves cancer chemotherapy management. The RNA Disruption Assay™ (RDA™) helps oncologists to rapidly assess effectiveness of chemotherapy. RDA determines whether chemotherapy is working in individual patients after one treatment. Clinical validation for RDA was completed by establishing association of RDA with enhanced disease-free survival in multiple breast cancer trials in North America and Europe. RDA test services are provided to customers from the RDA laboratory in Sudbury, Ontario.

Seeking: $2M Series A financing
Contact information: John Connolly, Vice President, Corporate Development | jconnolly@rnadiagnostics.com



TrendyMED has developed the MobileIV™ infusion device, a revolutionary, cost effective product that provides intravenous (IV) infusion in a way which increases mobility, improves safety and enhances quality of life and care. Powered by a unique patented technology, the MobileIV™ does not require any electricity or even batteries and can be mobilized safely and easily anywhere, anytime and in any position at a fraction of what traditional devices cost, offering greater value to both patients and healthcare providers.

Seeking: $3M Series A financing, industry partnership/licensing opportunity, customer engagement
Contact information: Ronny Barrelli, CEO & Founder | ronny@trendymed.com



Alzheimer’s disease affects 36 million people worldwide. Currently there is no cure. Vielight is a novel technology that uses transcranial and intranasal infrared light to help improve cognition and memory functions based on published research data. The Vielight system is affordable, portable and used for research at Boston University and Harvard University. Relying only on word of mouth, Vielight has sold more than 10,000 general wellness devices worldwide but now requires regulatory clearance and distribution partnership to fulfill its potential.

Seeking: Licensee or partner
Contact information: Lew Lim, President & CEO | lewlim@vielight.com



VitalSines is developing personal health monitoring technology with a razor sharp focus on consumer need and acceptance. The VitalSines team has world-class expertise in bio-signal acquisition and analysis. Using an optical pulse sensor on a finger, VitalSines is able to continuously monitor blood pressure. Using an optical pulse sensor on the palm, VitalSines is able to provide motion tolerant blood oxygen saturation. Using an armband, VitalSines is able to continuously monitor health and create a new vision of human life.

Seeking: $1M Series A equity investment, industry partnership/licensing opportunity, customer engagement
Contact information: Jess Goodman, CEO | jess@iheartalive.com